Bully Brakes For School Security

Advantages of a Temporary Door Lock Device During a Lockdown

School shootings and invasions have been occurring frequently, now more than ever before. Be prepared and equip your school building or government office with the necessary supplies to stay safe and secure during such dangerous situations. Bully Brakes are a temporary door lock device that feature a light-weight yet exceptionally durable design, that combined with a simple installation, make them an ideal security option for any building.

Bully Brakes For School Security

These door lock devices increase safety and security when conveniently placed at entry points throughout a building.

Not only are these devices effective, their portability makes it easy to utilize them at a moment’s notice. With tool-less installation, there won’t be any precious time wasted in a potentially dangerous situation. Additionally, these devices can be stored on the metal door frame with a magnetic clip making them easily accessible in the classroom or office.

Bully Brakes prove to be effective not only in purpose, but in cost, as well.

These brakes are designed for non-egress, inward swinging doors commonly found in school classrooms, university dorm rooms, hotel rooms, and several offices. This device will prove to be a sound investment for your school or office, with no future costs or maintenance required.

The universal design allows the device to be successfully placed on the left- or right-side hinges of the door you’re temporarily locking. You can utilize one, single brake to achieve good defense, or secure all three hinges for the best defense.

By placing these devices in the designated lockdown areas of a building during a school shooting or invasion, government officials, staff members, teachers and students alike will remain safe until the lockdown is resolved. One can just drop the Bully Brakes in place, making installation easy and invading, on the other hand, nearly impossible. It takes 8,000 pounds of force to bend the devices when securing an entryway.

At Data Impressions, we have years of experience providing solutions and technical resources to the local government, as well as K12 and Higher Education. We want to work with you to protect your school buildings and government offices because we understand that time is precious and it’s worth it to be prepared for all situations. Give us a call at 1-800-777-6488 to learn more about

our lifetime guaranteed Bully Brakes.

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