Gaming Furniture

Why do you need gaming furniture?

The key with PC gaming, and sitting at a computer in general, really, is that the desk is fixed, so the chair should be completely adjustable to make you as comfortable as possible at that unmoving desk. That’s what gaming chairs do. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a regular office chair that can adjust in as many different ways as a gaming chair is designed to do, like sitting back at a full 165-degree angle, or angling the armrests every which way, or just taking them off completely. Even the lumbar support moves up and down according to the user’s needs. Gaming desks include height adjustable legs accommodate any and all gamers.

Engineered to enhance your game play, our Esports furniture provide a quality build with a minimalistic design creating an ample field of play and superior ergonomics. Don't settle for an "at home" gaming table, take your team to the winners circle again and again.

4D movement armrests and fully adjustable microfiber-covered lumbar and neck cushions ensure you’ll be comfortable and ready for anything. Inspired by real racing chairs, they provide longterm comfort for long gaming sessions.

What Vertagear offers is a break from the norm. We invest in research to craft products that will improve your daily gaming in unobtrusive, hassle-free ways. We believe convenience and ease of use forge the basis of any consumer-oriented invention, while quality and creativity shape the pillars of innovation.

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