Reducing the Footprint of Your Server Room with Advanced Storage Solutions

Server Room Storage Solutions

We guarantee that we’ll help reduce the footprint of your server room by 50 percent.

How? Four ways, really.

Cloud convergence policy

First, we’ll develop a sound and reliable cloud convergence policy, and provide a reliable speedy backup and storage policy. Once that’s in place, the data center’s footprint will be reduced, and most importantly, be provided with security. You’ll be left with a system that’s better protected, and more efficient overall.

Predictive All Flash array

As for the technical elements, let’s start with the industry’s only Predictive All Flash array, which boosts the speed and power of your system. That is combined with seamless integration with VMware, which allows administrators to manage the storage like any other infrastructure resource.

Predictive analytics

For accountability, a suite of predictive analytics is built into the system, which allows constant performance testing.

Expert protection

And finally, with SmartStackTM integrated infrastructure, you’ll be protected across all systems.

If this system sounds right for you, call on Data Impressions today. We’ll be able to assess your current system, come up with a Nimble Storage platform that works best, and then install it in a timely and effective manner. Get ready to leap into the digital future, with Nimble Storage!

In recent months, the Corona-Norco Unified School District had to make a decision. They were spending too many resources on data storage and needed a new alternative that would not only cut costs, but also, increase storage—since there was only more that was coming.

So, they decided to switch their server room over to Nimble Storage.

Nimble Storage is a new tech that allows you to bring the legacy infrastructure into the virtual world.

The result?

A reduction in physical infrastructure cost by 50 percent, while increasing storage performance by a whopping 100 percent. Exactly what they wanted.

Contact the experienced staff at Data Impressions to learn more about reducing your server room footprint today.

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